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West Shore Art Fair

Important WSAF Dates

Applications Open: Nov. 1, 2020
Application Deadline: Feb. 28, 2021
Jurying Starts: March 4, 2021
Jurying Ends: March 22, 2021
Artist Notifications: No later than March 31, 2021
Accept Invitation/Purchase Deadline: May 1, 2021
Show Dates: July 3-4, 2021

More than just 

an 'Art Fair'

In addition to original, jury-selected art, the WSAF features art demonstrations, live musical performances throughout the event showcasing the talents of local musicians, food stations, and a children's art exploration area making this a family event for all ages.

WSAF  hosting Virtual Art Fair

Canceling the 52nd annual West Shore Art Fair (WSAF), originally slated for July 4-5, 2020, was a very tough decision for the Ludington Area Center for the Arts (LACA), the local non-profit organization that hosts the WSAF, and we did not take this decision lightly. However, the safety of our artists, volunteers and community were at the forefront of our decision.

The cancellation of the WSAF, known as one of the best art fairs in the nation, not only means that art lovers from across our extended region would no longer be able to attend the art fair and missed sales for our artists it’s also a loss of revenue for LACA. The WSAF is a major fundraiser for the art center, 

WSAF Virtual Art Fair

                                                        52nd annual

West Shore Art Fair 2020 

cancelled due to COVID-19

It is with great sadness that the West Shore Art Fair (WSAF) announces that the 2020 WSAF slated for July 4-5 has been cancelled.
The executive committee of the Ludington Area Center for the Arts (LACA), the local non-profit organization that organizes the WSAF, did not take this decision lightly. The WSAF is a major fundraiser for the art center which a volunteer organization that strives to engage, inspire and strengthen our community through arts advocacy.
With ongoing concerns of the spread of COVID-19 the committee decided it was in the best interest of our community, the artists participating in the art fair and the thousands of patrons of the arts who annually attend and support our art fair to cancel.
While the Ludington area has yet to have a major outbreak of COVID-19 it is only a matter of time until we begin seeing cases of the virus increase. Rather than having to cancel the art fair under short notice we felt it best to make this call now so artists could possibly find alternative options.
The WSAF will be giving full refunds of booth fees to artists who had confirmed the spot in the 52nd annual art fair.
As a way of showing our appreciation to the many talented artists that make the WSAF the top-notch art fair that it is known to be, we will be waving the application fee and giving automatic entry into the 2021 WSAF (July 3-4) to all artists who were accepted into the 2020 WSAF.
The WSAF is also offering artists accepted to the 2020 art fair the chance to take part in a special online listing of vendors. This listing, which will be housed on the WSAF website, https://www.ludingtonartscenter.org/wsaf3.htm, and will be promoted via the art center and the WSAF's Facebook pages. The goal of this listing is to give our valued artists a chance to make sales during what is sure to be a very trying time.
The WSAF encourages artists to apply for the 2021 WSAF set for July 3-4. The application process for the 2021 art fair will begin Nov. 1, 2020 via Zapplication.
Thank you for your understanding in what was definitely a very hard decision for all involved. We hope to see you at next year’s WSAF (July 3-4, 2021). In the meantime, please take care, wash your hands and continue to create art!!

Artist Information

2020 West Shore Art Fair artist information

West Shore Art Fair takes place 
at Rotary Park (formerly City Park) located in the 500 block of West Ludington Ave.

Show Dates: July 4-5, 2020
Saturday, 7/4/20   10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sunday, 7/5/20   10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Application Deadline: Feb. 28, 2020 - 11:59pm EST
Website:  www.ludingtonartscenter.org/wsaf3.html

Apply online: https://www.zapplication.org/event-info.php?ID=7911

Take advantage of the WSAF's early bird application fee discount and save $10 by using the code eb2020 at checkout when applying prior to Dec. 31, 2018 on Zapplication.

WSAF Dates

Applications Open: Nov. 1, 2019
Application Deadline: Feb. 28, 2020
Jurying Starts: March 4, 2020
Jurying Ends: March 22, 2020
Artist Notifications: No later than March 31, 2020
Accept Invitation/Purchase Deadline: May 2, 2020
Show Dates: July 4-5, 2020


· All work must be original and produced by the exhibiting artist.

· NO buy/sell, imported or bazaar items

· NO mass-produced items allowed.  All assembly must be done by the artist.

· NO items made from kits or assembled from commercially pre-made or mass-produced components.

· NO items made by embellishing purchased commercially-made items (i.e. clothing, plans, patterns, die-casts, molds, stencils, forms).

· Selection by the jury of an artist's work within one category does not authorize exhibition by the same artist in any other category.

· Work sold at WSAF must be of the same nature and quality as the images submitted for the jury in the artist's application.

· All artists should bring work-in-progress photos to be available during WSAF in case questions arise regarding the eligibility of their items.

· Items labeled "sale" or signs stating "on sale" or "make me an offer" or the like are prohibited.

· Artist whose name appears on the application must be present during all stated WSAF hours, both days.

· No dealers, agents or representatives. 

· The artist must check in with picture ID. Partner, spouse or family member will not be allowed to represent artist at check-in.

· All exhibiting artists are required to check-in at on-site festival tent PRIOR to set up.

· Artists will be asked to verify vehicle and trailer licenses at check-in and will receive an Artist Parking Pass which must be displayed on each vehicle and trailer during the entire WSAF weekend.

· Exhibit space is not transferable and may not be shared with another artist.

· Artists must not park on the streets adjacent to the City Park during WSAF hours, leaving that area available for customer parking.

· Artists must unload quickly and completely and move their vehicles to the designated parking location BEFORE beginning booth set-up. At shut down artists must pack down completely before bringing vehicles onto the festival site for load-out. This rule is critical due to limited parking and set-up/load-out congestion. Failure to adhere to this rule is grounds for disqualification.

· Artists are responsible for their own Michigan Sales Tax license and payment.

· NO SMOKING - This is a SMOKE FREE event.

· NO dogs or other pets allowed in or around artist booths, except service animals.

· There is no overnight street parking in residential areas for RVs, motor homes, campers, vans, or trailers; information will be available at check-in for overnight parking arrangements.

· Any problems artists may encounter should be brought to the attention of WSAF staff immediately for resolution. Disrespectful or hostile treatment of WSAF staff, volunteers, fellow artists, or patrons is grounds for disqualification.

· All rules, including set-up and load-out times will be strictly enforced.

· The WSAF reserves the right to make changes to these rules at any time without notice and will make the final interpretation of rules and determination of enforcement.

· There are NO refunds for cancellations. Failure to give advanced notice of inability to attend once booth fee is paid may result in disqualification from the WSAF in the future.  

· Artists are responsible to bring their own tent, display materials and MUST have ample weights on their tents. Ludington is a shoreline community and blustery wind conditions may arise. The WSAF cannot provide tent weights and is not responsible for damage to artwork or tents.

WSAF Application Requirements

Images: 3 images of artist work, 1 image of booth display (Please be sure that your name or image does not appear in your booth photo).

Emerging artists need only submit 4 images of their work - no booth image required.

Application Process 

Complete application online at www.zapplication.org. All payments are made through your Zapplication account for both jury fee and booth fee.

Jury Fee (Application Fee)

$25.00 for earlybird applications 
November-December - use coupon code at checkout: eb2020.
$35.00 January-February

Single booth space                       Double booth space
12' x 12' for $250                              12' x 24' for $500

WSAF Artist Amenities

·  On-site breakfast for artists provided each morning on Saturday and Sunday.

·  Booth sitters are available while they last.

·  Water wagon will help keep artists hydrated.

·  Food will be sold on-site..

·  Overnight park security will be provided Friday and Saturday nights.

·  Free overnight RV parking is available at Ludington High School, 508 N. Washington.

·  Awards will be presented to the top exhibiting artist in each category as chosen by our on-site jury. Winners will receive $200, award ribbons and jury fee will be waived for the following year.

·  A program listing all artists, with their media and booth locations will be available.

·  The WSAF will be publicized and marketed throughout the region, statewide and beyond.

·  Lodging information is available by contacting the Ludington Area Convention and Visitor's Bureau: www.pureludington.com

West Shore Art Fair categories

Clay – Original daily use items such as vases, mugs, plates, etc. Also includes original non-functional decorative items created out of clay, such as tiles, wall hangings, etc.  If multiple pieces of the same design are displayed, each must be signed and limited to a numbered edition.  Exhibitors must disclose and display their creative processes in their booth during the festival.
Drawing – Original two-dimensional work including ink applied by pen or brush, chalk, graphite, charcoal, wax crayon, colored pencil, or pastel.
Emerging Artists - This program is meant to foster the next generation of exhibiting artists by creating an opportunity for NEW artists to participate in a Fine Art show. Emerging artists must not have exhibited at a fine art fair prior to applying to this event – and must sign an affidavit confirming this status. Emerging artists can be affiliated with a college level art program, or may be self-taught. Emerging Artists must participate in the jury process by submitting four images of their work (no booth image required). Emerging Artists must also send an artist statement describing their work and their background in the arts to wsaf@ludingtonartscenter.org. Application fees are the same as regular exhibiting artists – booth fees are discounted for those Emerging artists chosen to attend through the jury process – as a donation from the Ludington Area Center for the Arts.
Fiber – Any original wearable or non-wearable work crafted solely by the artist from fibers including fabric, baskets, weaving, paper, quilts, dolls, batik, etc. Sewn fashion items cannot be mass produced. Please indicate in your process statement how the work is produced. All factory-produced wearable items, regardless of additional modification or enhancement by the artists are not accepted.

Glass- Original functional or non-functional work created in glass by the artist, by glass blowing, molding or casting. No forms of mass production are permitted.
Jewelry – Any original jewelry crafted from precious metals (gold, silver, gemstones, etc.) or from non-precious materials (wood, clay, glass, etc.). Gold-filled, washed or plated work and commercially manufactured findings must be identified.   No commercial casts, molds or production studios.  Artists using non-precious materials must provide additional information in their process statement as to the elements used to create the work (are elements such as beads and findings created by the artist or were they purchased from another source?).  All jewelry sold on-site must be juried in the Jewelry Category(ie: If your main category is Glass and you intend to also sell glass jewelry, you must apply in both Glass and Jewelry to be eligible.)

Leather - Original fine crafted, hand tooled and hand sewn, created from original patterns designed by the artist. This includes bags, belts, hats, purses, apparel, etc.  Please indicate in your process statement how the work is produced. (ie: do you design, cut and sew your own patterns, are the decorations or findings used in the work made by the artist?)

WSAF Awards

12 first place prizes 

of $200 will be 

awarded by category. Winning artists will 

also be exempt from jury on the following year’s application.

Metals - Includes original crafted work such as bowls, candlesticks, decorative items, sculpture, etc. No mass-produced items allowed.

Mixed Media – Original two or three-dimensional artwork that incorporates more than one type of media to create the whole piece.  Do not use this category if you make items in two different media categories.  For example, if you make wooden tables and decorative clay items, you must apply to both Wood and Clay using separate applications.
Other - Includes original, high quality artwork that does not fit in any of the listed categories. No food products are permitted at this show.
Painting - Original two-dimensional work created with pigment including acrylic, oil, egg tempera, gouache, watercolor, etc.
Photography – Photographic prints made from the artists original negative or taken with a Digital camera that have been processed in limited editions on archival-quality materials. All work exhibited must be entirely created by the artist from his/her original negatives or original images. Please indicate darkroom and/or digital processes in your process statement. If work is digitally altered artists must clearly communicate that information to Art Fair patrons. Exhibitors must disclose any digital manipulation in their process statement to the jury.
Printmaking - Original works created manually by the artist using plates, stones or screens. Work must be hand pulled original prints, signed, numbered and in limited editions on archival-quality material. Exhibitors must disclose and display both their creative and printing processes in their booth during the festival.
Wood -Original hand tooled, built, turned or carved work, including finely crafted bowls, boxes, furniture, etc. No mass-produced items allowed. 

Booth Information

·  No booth fees will be accepted past the invitation acceptance deadline.

·  Booth fees are due at time of artist acceptance of invitation to exhibit.

·  Some booth locations require the artist to dolly in.  Specific booth requests will be granted on a first come basis.  We make every effort to honor requests, however we will grant requests based on the date booth fees are received.

·  All booths are set up on grass. · Absolutely NO stakes allowed. 

·  There is no electricity available 

on festival grounds.

·  Exhibitors must furnish their own tent and tent weights.

·  All tables must be skirted.

Please consider donating a few inexpensive pieces of art for the WSAF Children's Art Tent

The West Shore Art Fair provides children the opportunity to become patrons of the arts by allowing them to select and purchase original high quality art at our Children's Art Tent. Exhibiting artists are encouraged to help us nurture future arts patrons by donating a piece of original art to be sold in our Children's Art Tent. Please bring at least one piece of art to donate to the Children’s Tent. Donated art work can be a piece from your displayed work or an inexpensive item made especially for the WSAF Children's Tent. All art will be sold for $5. This is not a raffle or an auction. All proceeds from the sale of art supports our children's programming at the fair. Artists who generously donate art are asked to bring those items to the WSAF Info Booth where they will receive a donation receipt.

WSAF Sponsors

2020 West Shore Art Fair Sponsors

Interested in becoming a West Shore Art Fair sponsor? 

Contact Andrew at wsaf@ludingtonartscenter.org to request a sponsorship form.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The results of philanthropy are always beyond calculation” – Mary Ritter Beard

Those of us who have yet to find philanthropy may find there is a far greater reward from it than from wealth creation - John Caudwell

The WSAF relies on the generous donations of our community sponsors. Please consider helping us promote art and art appreciation while supporting the local economy. We all benefit from a community that is active, civic minded and economically healthy.

Thank You

2019 West Shore Art Fair Sponsors

2019 Award Winners

2019 WSAF Award Winners

Clay: Egenolf Ceramics LLC
Glass:Paula Marksbury
Jewelry: Caleb Barnaby Designs
Painting: Randall Harden
Printmaking/Drawing: Fleck Studios
Leather: Fiskur Leather
Fiber/Leather: Searfoss Designs LLC
Metal: Richard Alan Studios
Mixed Media/Other: Contemporary Clay Designs
Photography: Ken Smith Photography
Wood: Sleeping Bear Twig Furniture
WSAF Posters


Visit the information booth or the Ludington Area Center For the Arts, 107 S Harrison St., Ludington, MI 49431 to purchase one of our award winning posters.


WSAF Poster



2015 WSAF Poster

Won Overall Best 

Price: $15.00

Our posters are designed by Chris VanWyck of Engine Creative.  He has won recognition in the Sunshine Artist Poster Contest for three years in a row.  We are so fortunate to have Chris as a sponsor of the WSAF.   

2016 WSAF Poster

Won Best Abstract   

Price: $15.00

2014 WSAF Poster

Won Overall Best Design

Price: $15.00