Ludington Area Center for the Arts
Ludington Area Center for the Arts
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Independent Open Pottery Studio

LACA is opening the pottery studio to members who have extensive experience in pottery

that enables them to work unsupervised in a studio setting.

Prior to becoming an independent potter, you must present a portfolio of past pottery works (at least 5 photographic images or actual pieces,) describe what past experience the potter possesses, communicate competence in the use of a variety of clay-forming techniques (use of pottery wheel, hand-building, slab rolling and glazing,) must demonstrate a good working knowledge of the studio and show an ability to carefully maintain the facilities.

The Pottery Studio at LACA is available during business hours: Tues, Thurs, and Fri 11-4, Wed 11-6 and Sat 11-2.  Once approved, a punch card can be purchased for 5 days.  Each day is considered a session.  The card is non-transferable and the member is responsible for maintaining paid status and keeping the card.

Clay must be purchased through LACA, this helps to cover kiln costs and ensures proper cone level.  LACA fires to cone 5/6.  Glazes and underglaze is provided by LACA, any outside equipment or glazes must be approved by LACA administrators. 
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