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Ludington Area Center for the Arts
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LACA virtual exhibit features 

Lynne Haslam's 'My Relationship With Art'

The Ludington Area Center for the Arts will host a virtual exhibit for Ludington artist Lynne Haslam's ceramic oil and acrylic paintings.
Haslam's artwork was scheduled to be on display in LACA's Main Gallery during the month of May along with fellow artist Karen Clark Antrim. However, due to concerns of the COVID-19 outbreak the art center was no longer able to host the exhibit.

"To me, the act of painting is about entering into a relationship. Just as a relationship with a person has many facets and methods of communication, so it is with painting. When I sit down in front of a blank canvas, I enter into a relationship. I start the conversation usually by putting some wash over the whole surface. Like an icebreaker. Then I begin with one color and block in the main shapes, working on value relationships. When I feel ready, I start placing some colors. Getting the right color, the right value, shape, edge…all of those things have to work together to form a pleasing pictorial design. Getting things “right” is very gratifying. Like in a relationship, it’s using the right words, the right tone, those nonverbal subtleties that your closest circle know and read so well. As the painting progresses, it can hum along nicely, or it can be a road full of potholes. It’s a lot of give and take, staying awake, aware, and diligent during the process. What makes it all worthwhile are those golden moments that you treasure, where you say it’s all been worth it, Haslam said."
"My favorite genre is the landscape. I usually work from photos I’ve taken, painting the scenes that I find beautiful, or that evoke some memory, or a nostalgic feeling."
"Recently, my work has been more conceptual. Salvador Mundi, The Empty Nest, The Transformation, My Mother’s Transition, and If I Could Fly, are expressions of my deepest thoughts and feelings. These paintings symbolically convey a message, belief, or feeling I have about things like birth, motherhood, spirituality, and death. When I am working on a conceptual piece, I’m drawing on the deepest parts of myself, a place where the message begs to be said. I’m using paint to bring the viewer my message. I love my relationship with art, and ultimately, like all relationships, it’s a work in progress."