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1st Tuesday: Movie TBA

2nd  Tuesday: West Side Writer's Group

3rd Tuesday: Salon

4th Tuesday: West Side Writer's Group

5th Tuesday: TBA


Ludington Writers launch 

Public Typewriter Project at LACA

Do you remember what it was like to use a typewriter many years ago? Or maybe you are curious about the sound and touch of the strike of a typewriter key? Or perhaps you have something important or creative to say?

Ludington Writers has just launched its Typewriter Project: Writing as Public Art. Check out the portable manual typewriter in the lobby of the Ludington Arts Center. There you can sit down and feel the difference between the contemporary easy touch of a computer keyboard and the finger-workout of a manual one.

Ludington Writers encourages people to participate and have fun. They can leave a note, contribute to what the previous person has typed, or craft something new. Children under the age of twelve should be supervised by an adult.


Ludington Writer's 'Books Alive' to be part of July 19 Friday Night Live

Books Alive: Part of Ludington Friday Night Live: July 19, (setup 4:30 p.m.) 6-9 p.m.  

Location: Loom is St. between Rath and James

Authors take note: meet together, talk to the public, sell your books.

Not yet authors take note: meet authors, get ideas, buy books.

Readers take note: Meet authors, buy new reading material, ask author to sign your new book.

This is an Author vendor event to sell books in conjunction with Ludington's Friday Night Live. 8x8 foot street space only $25. In case of really bad weather, Ludington cancels the entire event, but we have a rain location at the Arts Center. However, this will seriously affect attendance. 40 spaces available.

You will need to provide your own table(s) and chair(s). Bring a canopy if you like. You will be responsible for your own food (there are many local restaurants). You keep all sales proceeds and are responsible for your own cash box. Ludington allows setup to begin at 4:30 pm, and wants all booths open by 6 p.m. although people may start wandering by earlier. Booths are expected to remain till 9 p.m.

Each author must participate in a game for kids which will be provided by Ludington Writers. You only need to save the space of a sheet of paper on your table to accommodate this.

Free to the Public, just visit the Friday Night Live event. Authors desiring setup space can sign up at (Look for Books Alive)


'An Evening with Scott Barrons', 

author of Magaiea Comic Series July 1,

Magaiea is a comic series written and created by Scott Barrons about a historically similar world where witchcraft and even darker magic thrives during the supposed Age of Enlightenment. Edward Boden lives in an England fevered with witch trials and lulled by stories of war on the high seas. Drawn into a maelstrom of warring secret societies and hidden enemies, Boden enlists the help of fellow outcasts in hopes of solving mysterious murders and saving his own skin, all the while finding an entirely different power rising within himself... 
Scott lives in Chicago and has close connections to Bass Lake in Mason County. Come enjoy a discussion with him about how he created this graphic fantasy and what will be coming next in the Magaiea series. Ludington Writers is hosting the free event. Refreshments will be provided. For further information about Ludington Writers, contact or check out Ludington Writers on FaceBook.