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Literary Arts at the Center

The Ludington Area Center for the Arts (LACA) encourages the literary arts through supporting creative writing and reading groups, and providing a venue for their special events. Literary arts include writing, reading and oral literature (i.e. texts which are spoken or sung.) LACA is home to the Ludington Writers. Book Clubs are encouraged to ask us about our facilities.

Ludington Writers

The Ludington Writers (LW) group is dedicated to supporting and sustaining writers, and to promoting written and oral texts within the local community. There are weekly activities and special events (see below.) Annually, LW gifts a week’s retreat for a renowned writer and scholarships for higher education and/or out-of-town writing conferences annually.

Regular Events

Each Tuesday evening in the month has a theme of supporting and/or sustaining the literary arts. Meetings are held in the Judith Minty Writers Room on the second floor at 7 p.m.

Read, Listen, Learn and Reflect

The first Tuesday of the month is Movie Night. Attendees watch a movie and discuss it afterwards. On the third Tuesday, participants bring a literary piece, or just a line or two, which they find to be inspirational. After reading the selection, the reader and listeners share their reactions.

Write and Review – 
West Side Gang (WSG)

The second and fourth Tuesday of the month is dedicated to the sharing of our own creations. WSG includes novice writers as well as published, local authors. All genres of writing, written by the participants, are read. Receive, if desired, knowledgeable and supportive feed-back from others.

Educational Evening

The fifth Tuesday (of which there are four within any given year) is dedicated to an educational theme. Past examples include: Watching a PBS series on the written language, hearing a local journalists’ career, and learning about new reading methods by a college instructor.


Books clubs are encouraged to ask about facilities available at the Arts Center for their meeting. Please call or email, 231-845-2787 or for information about rooms and availability. 

Special Events

Ludington Writers host a variety of special events throughout the year.   
Previous events include:
 ·  An annual literary retreat for an out-of-town writer.  The celebrity typically leads a workshop (requiring registration) and a formal presentation (open to the public.) 
 ·  A Writer’s Rendezvous at which writers can sign and sell their books to the public while mingling with their colleagues 
 ·  Oral presentations via Open Mic nights or Your Story on Stage (akin to the Moth Radio Hour) 
 ·  Readers’ Theater – Unlike the performing arts version, scripts are read by interpretive readers. Scenery and music are not required in these spoken plays. 
 ·  A publication of members’ writings

For More Information:

Follow us on Facebook (“Ludington Writers”) for all the latest news on regular and special events. Specific questions may be sent to Ludington-Writers.