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LACA Staff


Andrew Skinner, Operations Manager 
    Skinner is an award-winning photographer who has been recognized for his work in both the art world and as a photojournalist. 
    In addition to his passion for photography, Skinner is an avid book binder (creating unique journals from discarded book covers) and creates various mixed-media artworks. Always interested in learning a new technique or medium, Skinner enjoys spreading his knowledge and passion for the arts within the community and has made it his mission to make LACA the center of all things art in Mason County and the surrounding area.  

Nickname: Babe, Handsome and Skinner 
Favorite Art Medium: PhotographyLoves: Patti >coffee 
Favorite Band: Phish
Best Friend: Don't tell anyone... Grey

Favorite Color: Gray 
Scared of: Nothing until there's 
a snake around. 
Favorite Ice Cream: All of it!!


Kali Findley, Office Manager 


Nickname: ///////////  
Favorite Art Medium: ///////
Loves: ///////  
Favorite Band: ///// 
Best Friend: ////////////


Favorite Color: /////  
Scared of: ///////// 
Favorite Ice Cream: //////

LACA Board of Directors


Brad Reed, President

Jane Carpenter, Treasurer

Mary Case

Bill Kerans

Shelby Soberalski


Thom Hawley,  Vice President

Fremont John Ashton

Justin David Gustafson

Denise Ottinger


Heather Tykoski, Secretary

Bill Carpenter

Sandie Holcombe

David Preston

Richard Young

LACA volunteers


Bridget Ennis, Volunteer Coordinator 


Marion Riedl, Volunteer