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Visual Art Exhibitions at the LACA!

June Hillman & Tom Kleinfeldt work together to hang art for the current Local Artists Exhibition at LACA


Local artists from the LACA Art Critique group are featured in the current gallery exhibit at the Ludington Area Center for the Arts. The exhibition runs through Sept. 29.

Included in this exhibition are works from:

· Lynda Blankinship- colorful portrait and party scenes interspersed with inquisitive cats

· Tom Kleinfeldt-precise landscapes of lake and dunes as well as exploratory abstracts of oil and acrylic

· Lynne Haslam-crisp style and sensitive renderings of landscapes reminiscent of interiors of the mind

· Judy Peters- mixed media and watercolors of the lake country

· Linda Sandow-contemporary collage and acrylic lakescapes

· Kathy Barrett- peaceful landscapes of field and shore

· June Hillman- pastel still-life florals

· Kay Hanson-delicately rendered watercolors and oils

· Ellen Alderink-portraits in acrylic

-Laura Carter- known for her detailed animal portraits

Members of the third Friday Art Critique meet from 11am to 1pm. for discussion of the process, techniques, and problems of works in progress in an educational sharing by participants.

Current Exhibit to enjoy in the Performance Hall Lobby

Through Oct. 20: Cuba: Because I Could, photography exhibition by Rachel Brock.

As an artist, Rachel Brock says, “inspiration is fed by experiences beyond my immediate surroundings. I crave travel and the exploration of new cultures. I embrace the opportunities in which I can learn from another's viewpoint - to visit in homes and eat at tables with people newly met. When I was asked to visit an art program in Cuba, there was no hesitation in my acceptance. Countless people told me they were envious that I was going - though when I invited them to come along, there was always an excuse of why they couldn’t.”

Brock traveled to the country of Cuba and stated she was inspired by all she saw and decided to document her adventures and turned them into a visual experience for all to share.

“’Because I Could’ … because I said yes. I shook hands with strangers as I stood on the doorstep of Havana Street, danced to Cuban music performed in pubs, toured the countryside in a 58 Chevy and ate mashed plantain with new friends that claimed me as family.”


The Arts Center is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays from 11-4 and Saturdays from 12-3.
It is Free and Open to the Public.


2017 Exhibits Previously at LACA

August- Pop Art sculptures by Pentwater High School students
June-July- Retrospective exhibit by Ann Salisbury of Raleigh, NC and Epworth
June-July- Exhibit by Elaine Earl, 92-year-old Ludington artist.
April-May - "Iconic Images & Cameras" by Photographer John Mickevich
April- May - "Making Faces" by Pastel Artist Marie Marfia
March - Cuba! Photography by three Northwest Michigan photographers.
January-February - Works of Nine Local Artists.

2016 Exhibits Previously at LACA

  • December 2015 -January 2016-Handmade Musical Instruments Exhibit
  • February-March - Drawing Conclusions Exhibit featuring original comic book, graphic novel, fantasy, and cartoon-style art and illustrations. 
  • April-May - OJ DeJonge Middle School Exhibit
  • June-July - Carol Garneau Legacy Retrospective Exhibit
  • August-September - Social Justices Issues: Art Object and Installations by Pentwater High School Art Students
  • August-September – Betty Knight Silander Retrospective Exhibit

2015 Exhibits Previously at LACA 


  • November- Autism Awareness Exhibit
  • September-October - Yvonne Carlson- A Retrospective
  • August - Character Creature Features - Collaboration between 3rd and 7th grade students at Pentwater Schools. Art Teacher Carrie Jeruzal.
  • June and July, “In the Forest”—recent paintings by GVSU faculty member Jill Eggers
  • May - O.J. DeJonge Middle School Student Art Exhibit - featuring a collection of a variety of different media that students study at OJ DeJonge, influenced by artists such as Georgia O'Keeffe, Frida Kahlo, and Eric Carl and art movements such as Impressionism, Fauvism, Expressionism and Cubism. Jen McWilliams-Knee - Middle School Art Teacher.
  • April - Earth Day Celebration - Call to Artist Exhibit featuring works from over 30 Michigan artists that explore the natural world, share an environmental message and propose new ways to co-exist with the environment.
  • March - Emerald Expressions Exhibition - featuring original Ireland Travelogue photography by Rob & Becky Alway.

2014 Exhibits Previously at LACA

  • December 2014-February 2015 - Maritime Heritage Ship and Lighthouse Exhibit - Port of Ludington Maritime Museum Celebration.
  • November - Type 56 and the Invisible Wounds of War - An exhibition of photo collages depicting images from a Vietnam veteran's nightmares of war.
  • October - Foster Elementary Kids Create! - An Exhibit of Original Art Created by Foster Elementary 3rd-5th grade students - Scott Bentz Art Teacher.
  • September - National Parks Road Trip Photography Exhibit - featuring original photography by Karen West.
  • June -August - Botanicals Exhibit - invitational exhibit featuring artist's interpretation of plant life in all its forms
  • May-June - Carolyn Damstra Exhibit featuring Carolyn's recent paintings of the Leelanau PenninsulaShore Community College and at the KIA in Kalamazoo. She has used many media and enjoyed trying new ones over the course of her longtime artistic career. She describes that she did portraits in charcoal or pastel at art shows for several years and that "Faces are my favorite subject. I often saw a face that I felt I just had to paint. " Elaine, at age 92, resides at Longfellow Towers and is a participant in the Arts Center's Visual Arts Critique Group.