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Paula DeGregorio & Frank Galante's 
'Double Vision' on display in August

The Ludington Area Center for the Arts (LACA) is excited to showcase the artwork of Pentwater artists Frank Galante and Paula DeGregorio during in August 2020. 
Galante and DeGregorio will exhibit an array of artwork in various mediums (paintings, both oil and acrylic; pastels; collage and abstract). They will also exhibit a handful of works featuring the same subject matter done in their own individual styles.
LACA will host a public Artists reception Friday, Aug. 7 from 5-7 p.m. Due to indoor gathering restrictions we are limiting entry and taking reservations. Reservations can be made, free of charge beginning July 29, online at
LACA is requiring Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) such as a face covering or mask to enter its facility. Those who do not have a mask with them will have the option to purchase a locally made mask in the LACA gift shop for just $4. “We are asking our guests to please be respectful to others and to socially distance themselves while viewing the exhibit.
Galante is primarily self-taught as a painter. He was born and raised in New York City and was first introduced to the art of oil painting when he was a young child, watching his father paint. By the age of eight, the works and names of the likes of Cezanne, Modigliani and others were familiar to him--and though he was not yet painting, he was drawing. As a young teen, he often spent the weekends sketching at the American Museum of Natural History and browsing through the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Museum of Modern Art was another favorite haunt. 
This early immersion among the world’s masterpieces laid the foundation for a lifetime passion for the fine arts and their creation. Having had the foundations of technique laid with intensive mechanical and freehand classes in high school, he continued drawing throughout his life. Though he dabbled in painting, it wasn’t until middle age that he began to take it seriously. A few night classes at the Parsons School of Design and a landscape painting trip to Italy, and he was hooked. 
As a professional musician, Galante’s painting process—particularly in his abstract work—is heavily informed by the compositional and improvisational techniques that are an essential part of his musical life; consequently, as he sees it, painting is simply a visual expression of his music.
As a young child, DeGregorio was considered a coloring book master. No picture was too complicated to experiment with outlining, squiggles, shadows and plenty of blue. When old enough to travel
on my own, my time was spent in the Boston Museum whose rotunda was lined with Monet’s beautiful landscapes and coffee clubs that played experimental music.
Attending the University of Massachusetts as a BFA painting/sculpture major, the majority of my professors were ‘Abstract Expressionists’ who discouraged realism and technique and stressed emotions. Meanwhile, DeGregorio and several other students ran the Student Union Art Gallery which presented cutting edge NYC artists.
Moving to NYC after a stint in the Virgin Islands, DeGregorio's first job there was with a handbag designer.
She later received a second degree in Architectural Technology that allowed her to use her creative skills throughout her career.
Since moving to Michigan in 2010, DeGregorio has exhibited at Petri Gallery, Art on the Town, Ludington Area Art Center and many Pop Up exhibits. 
DeGregorio is currently painting landscapes, waterscapes and still lifes in oils and watercolor and creating still life collages. 
Many of DeGregorio's paintings are in private collections.
Besides painting, DeGregorio's time this past two years has been spent designing, project managing and now landscaping a neo mid-century modern home fill with art from around the world.